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    College of Information Science & Technology attaches great importance to culture students’ practice and innovation abilities. Many opportunities are provided to students to attend scientific and technological innovation activities. 

    College of Information Science & Technology organizes undergraduates to attend a variety of academic competitions, including ACM-ICPC, the International Software Design Contest, the International Collegiate ITAT Contest, Siemens Cup National College Students’ industrial Automation challenge, National computer simulation grand prize, the national undergraduate electronic design contest, Freescale Cup national undergraduate Intelligent car contest, etc. Students of the college have made great achievements in competitions each year.  

    Training Programs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates provide chances to science and technology innovation. BUCT provides students many chances for application. Nearly 30% students can join in the programs. The comprehensive application of knowledge and practical ability of students are increased through all kinds of scientific and technological innovation activities.

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