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    The institution of Information Science and Technology was founded in March 2000, consisting of five professional compositions which are the control science and engineering, control engineering, computer science and technology, computer technology and software engineering.
Fig.1 The distribution of different Majors of CIST in 2015 graduates
    When it comes to the institution of the employment situation, the information industry is a shortage of talent in the industry; for example, the nature and requirements become more and more seriously technical talent demand information industry in some fast-developed cities, such as  Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai and others.
Fig2.The property of  Employment enterprise
    Our institution is cultivating a large number of the talent students in information aspect for our country and society, which two professional graduate students of Control Science and Engineering, Control Engineering are mostly engaged in the professional related work, such as the major state-owned enterprises and institutions engaged in engineering design work, e.g., Petro China(CNPC), SinoPec(CPCC), CNOOC, Chinese Global Engineering Co. Ltd., China automatic control system, the Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute and China Aerospace Science and industry group Tenth Research Institute and so on, and meanwhile, for the profession of the Computer Science and Technology, Computer Technology and Software Engineering mostly went the IT software technology industry, such as Taobao, 58city, China auto rental, China Mobile Communication Corp and some large bank. In recent years, the employment situation is to a certain degree that the different cultivated characteristics of our institution are consistent with the demand of our society, and the employment situations of students with different majors are also very optimistic.

    From 2013 to 2015, the employment situation of College of Information Science and Technology (CIST) at BUCT is basically the same in the past three years and there is no large fluctuations analyzed from following four points of view: employment, abroad, underemployed and PubMed, which indicates the stability and reference value of the students' employment information. The graduates of CIST can obtain a high recognition from the community and different universities and the general employment situation is optimistic. The college increases employment efforts to raise the proportion of graduates and job quality in 2015, which causes that the increase trend of PubMed rate is clearly and going abroad becomes a choice to more outstanding students.
Graduates Distribution Analysis Chart Of Key Industries In 2015
    From the graduate degree of key industries and distributing analysis, our graduate employment mainly concentrates in the electronic information industry and information services industry, which accounts for 51.23% of full employment, manufacturing (23.46%), three lard and other large chemical and energy companies accounted for 3.09%; financial sector accounted for 3.70%, other industries, including transportation, leasing services, such as wholesale, style accounted for 7.41%. The above data indicate that more than half of our graduates work in the area related to their majors. Although the total number of professional and technical personnel in our country is still in a demand situation, in today's increasingly serious employment situation, employment quality shows that our students' professional skills are strong, which can get a high recognition from companies. On the other hand, it is just a representation to see related difficulties which depend on the performance of the college students' individual differences. Therefore, the rising of employment levels also reflects a college education level of ascension.
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