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The project construction ceremony for teaching International students in English in Computer Science and Technoledge was held successfully

  On March 15th, the project construction ceremony for teaching foreign students in English in Computer Science and Technoledge was held in the meeting room of the International Education College. Vice President Chen Dongsheng, Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation Mao Lixin, Vice Dean of Graduate School Wang Wei, Party Secretary of College of Information Science and Technology Li Zheng, Vice Dean of College of Information Science and Technology Li Hongguang, Professor Zhao Ruilian, Professor Qiu Xianbo, Vice Dean of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Wang Yongtao, the professor in the Management college Wu Jun, Dean of the International Education Institute Liu Guangqing, director of the Office of International Students Zhao Jianya and the related managers attended the meeting. What’s more, the meeting was presided over by the President of the International Education Institute Liu Guangqing.

  Dean Liu Guangqing introduced the development trend of the study abroad,  the relevant policies and development plans of the country. China tops number of foreign students in Asia and the level of students increased significantly. “the Belt and Road” along the country has many international students coming to China and the country has a steady change. The pattern of Chinese learning is gradually broken and subject distribution is more reasonable. The leverage of China government scholarship continues to show. The pattern of education opening up is deepening. The development of international students coming to China is in a critical changing period. “the Belt and Road” provides more opportunities for the development of international students coming to China. Director Zhao Jianya introduced the scale and distribution of our students in China, the construction of the master's degree of teaching International students in English, the requirements for the construction of teaching courses in English, the criteria for the assessment and the procedures and policies of enrolling foreign students.

  Secretary Li Zheng introduced the preparation of the master's degree in English in Computer Science and Technology. He said that the construction of the program is thought highly by College of Information Science and Technology. Besides, he hoped to explore and establish a "Global Classroom" cooperation mechanism with overseas universities such as Dublin Polytechnic Institute, which is committed to set up quality courses for international students and enhance the quality of the professional students. Professor Zhao Ruilian introduced the faculty and scientific research level of computer science and technology major in detail, and meticulously described the professional training program. Director Mao Lixin and Dean Wang Wei, respectively, from how to make fully use of “Yin Zhi” project to introduce overseas quality education and teaching resources and master students training and graduation aspects, gave some suggestions.

  Finally, vice president Chen Dongsheng made a concluding remark. Chen pointed out that internationalization and informationization are of great significance to the construction of double-class universities. To achieve the goal of expanding the scale of foreign students and improving the quality of foreign students, we need to cooperate with various departments of the school to promote the international education of our school. He pointed out that the construction of all-English courses for foreign students can make great efforts to draw lessons from the modern educational techniques such as Mooc, actively encourage foreign teachers to participate in teaching work, make fully use of foreign experts’ “Yin Zhi” projects and teach international cooperation channels, and vigorously introduce overseas education and teaching resources, continue to enrich curriculum and other teaching resources, and improve the quality of training foreign students.

  Up to now, our University has a total of five full-English courses for foreign students, namely: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology (biological engineering direction), Computer Science and Technology. The construction of the master 's degree program for international students will greatly promote the expansion of the scale of our students and contribute to the continuous improvement of the construction of our students' education system.
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