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Electrical and Electronic Experiment Teaching Center

    Electrical and Electronic Experiment Teaching Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) was founded in 2001 and approved as the Beijing municipal experimental teaching demonstration center in 2007. It is one of 8 basic teaching experiment centers at BUCT.
    The center, with an area of nearly 2000 square meters, consists of basic electrical and electronic experimental platform, electrical and electronic practice base, electrical and electronic laboratory of innovation and information integrated practice base,. The center has a total of 2343 sets of equipment with a value of fixed assets 12110000 RMB.
    28 undergraduate majors, 8,500 students are served by this center every year, over 57 percent of all college students at BUCT. The center has undertaken 23 existing experimental courses and 4 new courses. The total number of the experimental projects is 215, including 43 new projects and 150 of them are viewed as comprehensive ones. 5 experimental materials and 10 handouts are prepared and published, as well as 49 teaching and research papers have been published. 

    Since 2007, the center have made great leap forward development in the construction of software and hardware condition, experimental teaching system, Experiment teaching management and laboratory information, can be mainly described as follows:
    1. The center creates a new experimental teaching system which is multi-level open, autonomous learning and practice oriented, revises the innovative talents training plan, and learns teaching experience from international famous universities and reforms the experiments, the practice teaching mode, the teaching methods and the assessment methods. Faculties in the center have paid great attention to the training of students' comprehensive quality of scientific spirit, cooperation consciousness, team spirit, organization ability and competitive strength, etc.
    2. Based on the discipline of  "control theory and control engineering" and combining the scientific research and experiment teaching, the theory course teaching, practice teaching, enterprise training and enterprise practice are integrated to provide a powerful support for senior engineering talents training system of chemical automation, from the point of view of electrics and electronics courses in engineering practice teaching. This pattern has been tested in the automation of excellent engineer class first, and then, extended to all the majors in College of Information Science and Technology. 4 national projects, including undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot -automation of outstanding engineers, BUCT-Siemens National Engineering Practice education Center, BUCT-Association National Engineering Practice Education Center, the national education system reform pilot project - 'chemical' exploration engineering innovation talents training model" sub project, are also undertaken by the center.
    3. The center focuses on the building of the contingent of teachers, pays attention to talent introduction and training and further optimizes the personnel structure. 5 employees with Ph.D are newly hired, and currently, the center has about 50 staff members, among which 58% are senior engineers. There are also4 municipal-level experimental and teaching demonstration centers in Beijing and 19 municipal-level training bases in the center. 
    4. The center focuses on promoting the construction of school enterprise joint laboratory of internationalization, engineering design and project training program. Outstanding students are selected to participate in the teacher's scientific research project or famous enterprises. At present, 6 joint laboratories have been created, including PSoC joint laboratory with CYPRESS and MSP430 joint laboratory with America TI (TI) etc. 
    5. Over the years, the center further integrates the teaching resources, establishes the electrical and electronic experimental teaching platform, organizes and entrusted to undertake a series of college students professional competitions, including: national and Beijing municipal Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the National Under-graduate Siemens cup industrial automation challenge. The center has won over a total of 140 provincial and ministerial awards. 

    At present, the guiding ideology of the construction of electrical and electronic experiment teaching center is: "As the purpose of taking imparting knowledge, training skills and improving the quality, we need to have the consciousness of innovation, quality and characteristics in the guide of updating the concept of education; moreover, we should build an experiment center, which plays an important role of demonstration and radiation effect,  in electric and electronic experimental teaching in China."
    At present, the electrical and electronic experiment teaching center’s construction target is: “Firstly, we need to have great new thoughts, experiences and achievements in the electrical and electronic experimental teaching thought, teaching idea, teaching system, teaching content, teaching means and teaching methods. Except of these, we need to construct a contingent of teachers which have a high level of research and teaching, the reasonable structure and the stable staff. Then, we also need to construct the experimental center in accordance with the base mode and standard of national electrical and electronic teaching experiment. Last but not the least, we need to make the advanced teaching level among the similar colleges in the ranks of the domestic advanced and lay the foundation for a national electrical and electronic teaching base. ”
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