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Computer Experimental Teaching center

     The computer experimental teaching center was founded in 1978, is one of the experiment center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, formerly known as the Computing Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, called the Beijing Institute of chemical technology computing stations, major equipment is the homebred 108 minicomputer. In 1982, we introduced the Japanese company NEC ACOS-400 minicomputer from abroad, built a chemical database research room, developed the domestic first chemical physical property database, and completed the prediction and analysis system for talent Chemical Ministry of chemical industry. The computer room was built In 1984. In 1985 was renamed Computing Center of Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology (Computing Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology). In 1986,the center introduced Germany Siemens company SIEMENS 7570-C medium-size set by using world bank loans, and this set not only  excepted for the undergraduate teaching services, but also provided the corresponding research condition for the chemical mechanical CAD, data processing and automatic modeling, computer graphic processing and software development research project. The computer room of Computing Center North Campus (formerly Chang Ping Division) was built in 1997. In 1999,the computer room of West Campus (Beijing Chemical Management Cadre Institute) merged into the computing center. The teaching experiment in our existing housing about 3200 square meters, a total of more than 1100 computer stations, all kinds of PC server is approximately 20, distributed in the east and north campus, above all, mainly for undergraduate and graduate school students teaching service. All computers in laboratory are monitored by the computer lab management system, and in order to prevent malicious attacks and the anti-virus destruction, every machine is equipped with protection card of hard disk. The machine rooms of east and north campus have installed video surveillance security system for the real-time hard disk video on key parts and laboratory
The computer experimental teaching center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology involves five laboratories: Basic Computer Teaching Group, East Campus Laboratory, North Campus Laboratory, Multimedia Language Interactive Teaching Laboratory and Scientific Research Laboratory. Center has more than 20 staffs, including 4 senior titles, 6 intermediate titles, and the other are experimental and technical staffs and experiment management staffs.
The center is mainly responsible for the current course teaching of each major of all the eight colleges in school, which includes "Computer Culture Foundation", "Advanced Language Program Design" Etc. At the same time, the center provides the computer experiment environment for basic experiment, comprehensive experiment, designed experiment, professional and innovative experiment of all the 100 professional courses. The center offers experimental hours about 550000, and provides a good hardware and software environment in order to improve the computer application level and information processing ability of the whole school students. The center also bear some practical work of part major in college, such as cognition practice, production practice, course design and graduation design. In addition to experiment teaching, the center of each laboratory open to all students from eight a.m. to eight p.m. without a break in holidays.
The main research direction includes: computer communication network system; network database system; computer real-time monitoring network system of the process industry; network management information system; production process simulation; advanced process control, optimization control and automation of industrial production device etc.. Every year, center recruit several graduated students of the major of computer application technology. In recent years, the relevant staff in center published dozens of papers or books ,materials and treatises.

    The center has been completed or are working on projects in recent years, as follows:

  •  Real time production management system in chemical enterprise (ministerial level identification of the Ministry of chemical industry)
  •  Ethylbenzene or styrene separation tower online intelligent simulation optimization operating system (the progress of science and Technology three prize of the China Petrochemical Corporation)
  •  The laboratory management system (the first prize of Beijing teaching achievement
  •  Shared information management system of higher school precision equipment and apparatus (Ministry of education of identification)
  •  Qilu Petrochemical Industries Co plastic factory plant information online management system
  •  The running state of large unit of Qilu chlor alkali plant transformation and equipment Petrochemical Industries Co PLC real-time information monitoring network system
  •  Advanced control, calcium carbide factory of Jilin Chemical Industry Corporation of acetic acid production device optimization control and automation
  •  Qilu Petrochemical Industries Co plastic factory polyethylene powder safety transportation technology research and development
  •  Fixed assets management system of central administrative institutions
  •  State organs housing management system
  •  Hebei industrial and Commercial Bank of corporate banking software development project
  •  LAN-STAR Chemical Co., Ltd. FDI production device for real-time monitoring and data access system
  •  The enterprise office automation system
  •  Computer aided SM device for plastic factory of hazard and operability analysis
  •  The properties of plastic products database system research and development
  •  2# vinyl chloride project nitrogen compressor PLC real-time data acquisition and communication
  •  Qilu Petrochemical Company for the row of water plant production management information system
  •  Baling Petrochemical Company of supply and marketing department of crude oil pipeline intelligent transportation system development
    The awards of computer experimental teaching center, as follows:

  •  "Computer basic course group teaching reform and practice of" by the Beijing City, two prize for the achievement of higher education.
  •  "The development of management information system (MIS) to improve the experiment teaching management level" won the first prize of achievement of Beijing higher education.
  •  "The basis of multimedia technology in Colleges and universities in Beijing" won the excellent teaching material.
  •  "Multimedia technology" by the Beijing municipal quality course.
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