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     The Department of Automation has a doctoral-level discipline of Control Science and Engineering, a master-level discipline of Control Science and Engineering (including Control Theory and Control Engineering, Systems Engineering, etc.), a Post-doctoral Station of Control Science and Engineering and an Automation undergraduate major. Automation is the national and Beijing’s special major. Also, there are Research Center of Intelligent Process System Engineering (Ministry of Education), System Simulation Engineering Technology Center (Chemical Industry Association), Interdisciplinary Chemical Production Safety Engineering Center (Ministry of Education) and Automation Research Institute, etc. 
    The Department of Automation owns many faculties with high quality, including receivers of New Century Excellent Talent of Ministry of Education, the Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation for Young Teachers, Nova of Beijing Science and Technology Plan, Beijing Talents Project, and Beijing Excellent Youth Scholars, etc. Over the last five years, the Automation Department has undertaken a great number of research projects, 4 from National 863 Plans, more than 20 from National Natural Science Foundation, more than 40 from provincial government, and around 100 from enterprises, research fund of nearly 10 million per year. Also, the department has published more than 400 papers and received 8 provincial and ministerial level awards. A great number of research outcomes have contributed to the economic and social development.
    In undergraduate teaching and talent cultivation, the department has 3 Beijing High-Quality Courses and 6 BUCT High-Quality Courses. We have also developed innovative Networked Course Map, and constructed multi-objective, multi-mode and multi-way excellent engineering training system, at the core of improving innovation ability. Moreover, the department has first joined the “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan” of the Ministry of Education, co-founded a state engineering practice education center with Siemens, and launched Siemens Cup National College Students’ industrial Automation challenge. The CO-OP (Co-operative education) system is firstly introduced to improve the students’ ability of practical application.
    The department has paid great attention to domestic and international academic exchange and established close cooperation with some universities and high-tech companies, including Newcastle University, University of Alberta, Waseda University, Georgia Institute of Technology, National Tsing Hua University, Honeywell Inc, Siemens, HIMA, E + H, SUPCON, HollySys Company.

 As the affiliated institution of Beijing Association of Automation, 
the department of Automation organizes various academic activities every year.

Faculties visiting University of Toronto in Canada for communication and 
cooperation in scientific research, talent cultivation and talent introduction.

 Self-developed multi-function process control training system - SMPT-1000

 Students win the Siemens Cup under the direction of Ma xin, 
a Lecturer from the department of Automation, presented by Prof. Wu Qidi.

 Self-compiled teaching Materials 

Province/Ministry Level Awards


 Co-operative education of outstanding engineer with Siemens, HIMA, 

SupCon, E+H, Sinopec Beijing Yansan Company, etc.


The networked time series automation course map

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