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Computer Engineering M.Eng.


    This program offers an M.Eng. degree which is based on "Computer Science and Technology". It includes the research of all kinds of computer technology problems in actual engineering applications, such as, Information Safety Technology, Embedded Technology and Application, Computer Network Technology and Application, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Database System, Software Engineering, Multimedia Software Technology, Computer Testing Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Control, etc.


    The mission of the program is to provide the knowledge and skills required of a professional engineer to master the basic theory, method and technology in computer field systematically, to solve practical problems of the computer engineering application, and to development or management software system. The course includes advanced modules on computer technology, and also covers the latest techniques for the hardware and software system of computer.


  • Advanced software engineering
  • The neural network technique
  • Software testing technology and Application
  • Program design methodology
  • Technology and application of modern communication
  • Cryptography and information security
  • Modern signal processing
  • Design of real time signal processing system based on Embedded
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