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Control Engineering M.Eng.


    This program offers an M.Eng. degree which is based on "Control Science and Engineering". Relying on the background of BUCT's chemical characteristic, it has gradually accumulated advantages in some direction in the advanced control of complex industrial processes, intelligent process systems engineering, integrated process design and control, system simulation and safety engineering, intelligent detection technologies and devices, visualization technology and process monitoring. 


    The mission of the program is to provide the knowledge and skills required of a professional engineer to design and implement the automation system, to development and management the advanced control system, and to carry out scientific research and product development in related fields. The course includes advanced modules on control engineering and also covers the latest techniques for advanced control system.


  • The linear system theory
  • System identification and modeling
  • Intelligent control theory and Application
  • Theory and technology of intelligent detection
  • The theory of system engineering
  • Safety system engineering
  • The theory and application of pattern recognition 
  • Modern signal processing
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