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Control Science and Engineering M.Sc.


    This program includes 5 M.Sc. Programs with sub-disciplines which are Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation Device, System Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Navigation and Guidance & Control. 


    The mission of the program is to provide the knowledge and skills required of a professional engineer to development and design advanced control systems, and to use system analysis method for production process and the measurement & control system, to be engaged in the research of control theory, to study on the method and technology of all kinds of control and detection. The course includes advanced modules on control theory and also covers the latest techniques for implementing these technologies on a range of high-performance applications. 


  • The linear system theory
  • System identification and modeling
  • Modern sensor technology
  • Theory and technology of intelligent detection
  • The theory of system engineering
  • Modern signal processing
  • Optimal control theory and Application
  • Intelligent control theory and Application
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