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Ph. D. Program and Post-Doctoral Program

    The College of Information Science and Technology offers Doctorate Program and Post-Doctorate Program in the area of Control Science and Engineering. Besides, there are doctorate and master's degree programs for 6 M.Sc./Ph.D. Programs with sub-disciplines leading to the award of Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation Device, System Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Navigation and Guidance & Control, Computer Technology and Intelligent System.
    The cultivation program includes Doctorate Research Student System, Master-Doctorate Research Student System. There are currently 55 Ph.D. candidates. The College offers an extensive range of doctorate research projects.
    The research done in the college is the latest and most up to data. The teachers in this discipline have undertaken numerous research projects about the National "11th Five-Year Plan" of Science and Technology Support Projects, National "863" Plan Project, National "973" Plan Project, National Natural Science Fund Projects, Natural Science Foundation of Beijing, and Provincial & Ministerial Research Projects. They have won more than 10 items of the provincial teaching achievement awards and technological progress awards.

Ph. D. Programs

    Ph. D. Programs with sub-disciplines currently offers are:

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